The Girl Hunter


Seven months ago, I lost everything.

I used to have it all. A successful career in television. A wondrous, glamorous life as a small screen celebrity. A handsome and loving husband who made my life complete. Until one day, everything I loved was ripped away from me. The day the Hunter took me.

Somehow, I survived.

As I refuse to answer the federal agent’s questions about my ordeal, foreboding thoughts keep swirling in my head. I can’t let them find out who killed my husband. I can’t tell them what I endured. And there’s one thing I absolutely must do.

I must go back. Before it’s too late.

Caught in the enigmatic web of an unusual case, Special Agent Tess Winnett races against the ticking clock. A suspected serial killer is on the loose, hunting prey in the depths of the Everglades. Several women have vanished from the Miami coast, leaving only echoes of their existence. The clues to their fates? Locked away in the tortured mind of one survivor, TV celebrity Kiana Bayliss. Does she hold the key to saving them? Or is she the final piece in a terrifying puzzle?

The Girl Hunter

by Leslie Wolfe

His pale skin is covered with the dirt I threw over his still-warm body. His hands, marked by a struggle that ended in blood, rest over his chest. His once vibrant, loving eyes are now forever closed. I am the one who consigned my husband to the damp earth of the Glades.

Tess Winnett series

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